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Poviat Labour Office

„The company fulfilled all the terms and conditions set out in the agreement in a splendid way. Also, the cooperation during the course was effective and flawless. The methods of conducting the lessons as we// as the teachers' engagement and diligence were positively assessed by the course participants."

Rawag Sp. z o.o.

„Both methodological qualifications and the experience of the teaching staff enables the course participants to achieve very fast language progress. Moreover, the course content includes specialized vocabulary (business, marketing, accountancy, engineering) adjusted to the company's line of business."

Simet S.A.

„An additional asset of Akademia Jqzykow Obcych EUROKONATKT is the usage of modern teaching methods through introducing learning via an e-learning platform which was added to the courses content of our company."


Anna Andrzejewska, a student of EUROKONTAKT

„As a recent secondary-school graduate I strongly recommend the Foreign Language Academy EUROKONTAKT, because thanks to classes with native

speakers and patient teachers I have improved my knowledge of English and my communication skills @

Also because of EUROKONTAKT I decided to take my final school leaving exam in English (exanded level) and FCE, which

I found quite easy because of my courses in EUROKONTAKT:)"

Michał Hensel, a student of EUROKONTAKT

„I recommend Akademia JęzykówObcych Eurokontakt both to motivated people willing to improve their foreign language abilities, as well as to people who use foreign language in different situations in life.The time which I spent in Eurokontakt was a combination ofsomething pleasure and useful.

The classes which I attended as a part of Poviat Labour Office Courses was led by professionally qualified and friendly teachers. This helped me to reinforce my knowledge and language skills. I appreciate the most the conversations with the native speaker, which helped me use English in an easy way. I am more confident of my language skills and more motivated to achieve my goal which is to obtain CAE certificate."

Dorota Nalborska, a student of EUROKONTAKT

„I recommend Akademia Jęzków Obcych EUROKONTAKT, thanks to working with their teachers, I managed to improve my language abilities to such extent, that this year I've decided to take the FCE exam and the advanced level Matura exam. Moreover, EUROKONTAKT uses modern teaching methods, also lessons with the native speaker are helpful, and make working with the experienced teachers more effective."




Godziny otwarcia

Biura Akademii

pon-czw: 10.00-19.00

pt: 10.00-15.00





W sprawach pilnych istnieje
możliwość kontaktu telefonicznego
pod numerem:

+48 607 066 766









Contact us

Akademia Języków Obcych
63-900 Rawicz, Woj. Wielkopolskie
ul. 17 Stycznia 9/11
(deptak – pasaż, I piętro)

e-mail: biuro@eurokontaktrawicz.edu.pl

tel./fax: +48 65 546 39 08

tel. kom.: +48 607 066 766

Akademia Języków Obcych Eurokonatkt 2015.