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Which Course? Which Language?

• FCE* • CAE* • ZD* • ZMP* • MATURA*
• Beginners • Intermediates • Advanced
• Children • Teenagers • Adults

We offer a huge selection of courses and languages to suit all ages and learning experience in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French and Polish for foreigners.

All students are taught using our own teaching method called EDU-AKCJA. This method of teaching uses the best teachers, course books and methodolgy to make learning a language both fun and informative. Our groups range in size from 3 to 7 students. Keeping the groups small means learning becomes more focused and engaging.

Our school offers you:

  • Courses for 5-6-year-old children (30mins once a week)
  • Courses for older children (50 mins once a week)
  • Courses for teenagers (75 mins once a week)
  • Courses for adults (100mins once a week)
  • Courses for business and companies (in our school or place of work)
  • Courses for individuals
  • Exam preparation courses (FCE, CAE, ZD, ZMP, MATURA, junior high school exam)
  • Intense holiday courses
  • Holiday sport&language workshops for children

For individuals we can offer intense courses: 2 lessons 2 times per week and we create various traching programs adjusted to individual needs.




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