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Each offer is prepared individually. It can be done after a client’s expectations. Before making any arrangements, the client is presented with an offer. There is also a small talk about the situation and aims, which the client wants to achieve through the coaching sessions.


Coaching session

A coaching session is a meeting of a coach and a client. At that time the coach stimulates changes to happen through selected open questions. These questions should encourage the client to change his attitude and values in order to reach stated aims. According to International Coach Federation (ICF) Standards, the amount of the sessions should range from 8 to 10 and its frequency should not be less than once in two weeks. During the time between the sessions the client works on himself and he presents the effects of the work at the next session. If the coach decides that reaching the aims requires some additional ways ( for example, trainings), he will inform the client about it and they will continue coaching sessions after that.

Coaching is a transformation, an awakening, a change and these are its essence. It can focus on various sides of our life.

Life coaching

The area of coaching where a participant works on aims connected with private and social aspects of his life. In most cases life coaching is connected with big changes in one’s life, but it also helps to define the aims and create the strategy to reach the goals.

Life coaching helps in various aspects of life- starting from finding the priorities for the future, improving the relations with others, dealing with stressful situations and finishing on the support while losing one’s weight.

Business coaching

A coach works with a client on professional aims. These might be connected with changes in the company ( promotion, reorganization, starting new job) or connected with workers’ responsibilities ( for example increasing the sales or developing some management skills). 

In business coaching the contact is always between three sides- a sponsor ( organization, company, employer), a client and a coach. In this area of coaching the work is based on the aims stated by the sponsor for example, in a situation when the employer wants to prepare an employee for new duties or wants to increase his target or results.

After having the process finished, the coach works on a report about the client and he hands it to the sponsor. As far as business coaching is concerned the sponsor is up to date with the employee’s progress. However, some information given by the client is secret and the coach is the only one who is familiar with it.

Both life and business coaching have a lot in common- being involved in the work often requires recognizing one’s private life and the other way around. 

"It’s not what you achieve,
it’s what you overcome.
That’s what defines your career."

                                                                                                             - Carlton Fisk




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